Argentina Dove Shooting – Your Questions Answered


How can I pay the shell bill at Sierra Brava?

Sierra Brava accepts cash and personal checks. A 2.5% surcharge will be applied for US checks. These fees are what the local banks charge us; we regret any inconvenience.

What is the capacity of the lodge at one time? How can we arrange to have the private lodge?

Our lodge has seven (7) bedrooms, each with two (2) twin size beds and a private bathroom. The private lodge can be reserved for $4,400 per day. For a group of 14, the amount paid per day is only $314.

What is the normal attire at the lodge?

The atmosphere at the lodge is very casual. Most importantly, we want you to feel at home while in Sierra Brava. In the field, we do suggest darker colored or camouflage shirts and pants. In summer time it is very common to wear shorts.

What is the Internet connection at the lodge and can I make long distance phone calls?

We have high speed satellite Internet service with Wi-Fi throughout the lodge. There is cell phone service at the lodge and you can use our phone for $1 a minute.

How do I connect my electronic equipment at the lodge?

There are electric outlets in every room and throughout the common areas. Electronics in Argentina require 220 volts so it is necessary to bring an electricity converter (we usually can supply one at the lodge). Additionally, European adapters will be needed for two-pronged plugs.

What are normal tips at the lodge?

Tipping is discretionary. The house staff tips are collected by Ezequiel or Juanjo and distributed entirely among the entire staff. For the bird boys, we recommend $50 per day per hunter. Gifts such as hats, shirts and other hunting related items are also appreciated by the bird boys.

How far are the drives to the field?

Most of the year, the drives to the field are between 15-20 minutes since our lodge is located near the Macha roost. During the Argentine harvest season (March-June), the drives are about 45-60 minutes since we hunt the flatland fields that are being harvested. But trust us that the drive will be worth it!


What guns are available for rental?

Our gun inventory includes: 2 Beretta semi auto 12 ga; 1 Beretta 303 youth gun 20 ga.; 30 Beretta semi auto 20 ga., 15 Benelli semi auto 20 ga., 2 Beretta Silver Pigeon o/u 20 ga., 2 Fair Premier o/u 20 ga., 2 Beretta 686 Onix O/U 28 ga., 2 Benelli Rafaello semi auto 28 ga and 1 .410 o/u (Huglu). All of our guns are in excellent condition and most were purchased within the last 3 years.

What kind of shells do you use?

We have 12, 20 and 28 gauge shotgun shells. We sometimes have .410 shotgun shells, but you should ask in advance regarding availability. The cartridges are high quality shells manufactured in Tucuman and Entre Rios, Argentina, and which is about 4 hour drive from Cordoba.

Can I bring my own shotgun shells?

You are not allowed to bring shotgun shells into Argentina. The Argentine gun agency will confiscate your shells and it will be an uncomfortable situation at the airport. Please do not bring shells with you.

Are shotgun plugs used in Argentina?

Everything about Cordoba is about high volume. You are not required to have plugs for dove hunting in Argentina.

Do you have any guns for left-handed shooters?

Unfortunately we do not have any left-handed guns. You can shoot one of our over and under shotguns

How many shotguns can I bring into Argentina?

You are allowed to bring a maximum of three guns into Argentina for the purpose of bird hunting.

How is the process to bring guns into Argentina?

It is a relatively simple process to bring guns into Argentina. We will handle all the paperwork for you. We will send you the information required, which is the basic personal and gun information. The cost to bring shotguns into Argentina is U$120 per gun.


How do I reserve my dates?

We ask for a non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the trip fee. You can transfer a deposit to another hunter, but we do not give credits for future years. We recommend trip insurance in case of cancellations. Please inquire regarding purchasing trip insurance directly from us..

Do I need any special vaccines?

There are no special vaccines required to come to Argentina. You may want to consult your doctor.

How is the weather?

We have a special weather section that breaks down each season. The best place for up to date weather is

Is Argentina safe?

Many consider Argentina to be the safest country in South America. It has a very educated population and violent crime is definitely less than countries like Mexico and Brazil. However, like any big country there are robberies and thefts especially pickpockets in Buenos Aires. The best advice is to avoid going out with rolex watches, expensive jewelry or anything flashy that would make you a target. In cities, it is a good idea to take radio taxis from the hotels and restaurants and just be aware of the situation.

Who will meet us up at the airport?

The baggage handlers will meet you in the baggage claim area and will lead you to the Sierra Brava representative, which is usually Juanjo or Topo. They will then take you to the lodge.

Can I take doves home with me?

It used to be possible to bring birds back home. They now have a new procedure which includes a SENASA certificate. SENASA is the equivalent to the FDA. Right now, SENASA is not giving certificates for wild life animals. For some reason in BA they are not requiring this certificate. So to bring doves back you can either fly through BA or risk it at the Cordoba airport. From past experience this year, they have taken away the doves at the airport. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What documents will I need when traveling to Argentina?

There is no visa necessary for US, European and most Latin American citizens. You do need a valid passport. If you are unsure about whether you need a visa, please check with the appropriate consulate in your country to find out if you will need one.

However, as of January 2013 there is an entry fee of $160 that needs to be paid prior to arrival in Argentina, with credit card. This is a Reciprocity Fee only for U.S., Canadian and Australian citizens, which is valid for 10 years. The easiest way to process this fee is at

You will need to print the receipt as the airline will ask for it when you check in the US, and again the Argentine Migrations officer will ask for it upon your arrival to our country. The receipt is a ticket showing your info with a bar code. If you have already paid for the Reciprocity Fee on a recent past trip, please reprint the receipt and check your passport for the stamp. For more info, please visit or contact us with any questions.


The best place for up to date weather is

The weather in Cordoba is usually fantastic. It is part of the package that is sometimes overlooked until you arrive to the field and feel extremely comfortable shooting thousands of doves in perfect weather conditions. There are a few nice things about the weather:

1. It hardly ever rains. Even when it rains it is usually at night or does not affect the hunting.

2. It is hardly ever unbearably hot. There are a maximum of 5-7 days per year between January and February that might be very hot days. You have to be extremely unlucky to come during these days. Even though the birds fly more in the heat so you will be compensated with unbelievable high-volume dove hunting.

3. It is never freezing cold. It has snowed once at the lodge in the last few years. And it was amazing how the birds still flew. Almost everybody who comes to the lodge during our “winter” months of June-August only rave about the crisp, cool weather.

4. We have about 330 days of clear blue, sunny skies. It is almost always perfect dove hunting conditions.

5. The temperature always drops during the evenings. Since we are at about 800 masl, the temperatures always comfortably drop about 10-20°F. This makes for perfect sleeping conditions without air conditioning and heat.

Below is a brief description of our four seasons:

  • Dec-Feb: summer months. Temperatures are usually in the 70-90s during the day and drop to the 60-70s overnight. It does rain occasionally during these months. This is high-volume dove hunting season.
  • March-May: fall months. Temperatures vary between 60-80s during the day and 50-70s overnight. It also rains during these months, but hardly ever during the shoots.
  • June-Aug: winter months. Temperatures during our winter range from 50-70s during the day and it can sometimes freeze overnight. It never rains during these months.
  • Sept-Nov: spring months. Temperatures are very pleasant during our spring months and can range from 60-80s during the day to 50-70s overnight. It starts raining in November, but once again it hardly affects the birds.