Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

What Clients Say About Sierra Brava


After 15 wing shooting trips to Argentina and Uruguay and 2 to Mexico I think I am well prepared to critique my experience of Sierra Brava. Normally in following up with the owners of a new operation there is a glaring review, with a few “but if” or “if you did this” It would be better. I don’t have any “but if’s” or “if you did this”. There are things you do differently, but after experiencing them I understand why.

After returning home and giving myself time to reflect on the overall experience your operation and comparing the key attributes to operations like Chacu in Salta and Los Ombues in Entre Rios I think you will appreciate my review.

  • Meet and greet at airport ……………….. 5 stars
  • Drive to lodge …………………………….. 5 stars
  • Personality and English of Eduardo …… 5 stars
  • Greet at lodge best ………………………. greeting I have experienced
  • Meals ……………………………………… 5 stars (better than Orvis Endorsed Los Ombues)
  • Drinks …………………………………….. 5 stars. Kudos to your Scotch selection. I don’t drink Scotch, but several in the group did. They greatly appreciated your variety of liquors.
  • Luxury of Lodge ………………………….. 4 stars
  • Lodge Staff including Zeke ……………… 5 stars
  • Bird boys ………………………………….. hands down the best bird boys I have ever experienced. The new standard has been set.
  • Shooting areas …………………………… 5 stars. Very nice variation.
  • Volume of Birds ………………………… 4.5 stars. (I recognize this is not the time for the highest concentration of birds)
  • Pigeons ……………………………………. 4 stars. Very fun time, nice break of the pace of doves. Drive was long. Really need to shoot #5 shot at pigeons. Would like to shoot 150-200 pigeons per afternoon.
  • Rental Guns ……………………………….Best selection I have seen in Argentina. Sierra Brava sets new standard
  • Check Out process ………………………5 stars. Zeke is very efficient and makes the process seamless
  • Overall experience …………………… 5 stars
  • Value for dollar ………………………… 5 stars
  • Franca …………………………………… 10 stars. (She is the best administrative assistant I work with. She makes my job easy!)

Thanks again for a fantastic trip! I knew before leaving I would not be disappointed as your lodge is well recognized and respected, however I was pleasantly surprised with many aspects of the overall experience.

C. Carolina


As usual, we had a great time. We always enjoy ourselves and get to meet some wonderful people. Sierra Brava Lodge and their staff are absolutely fantastic. It is home away from home… couldn’t ask for a better vacation.

Robin Mattes


I just wanted you to know that we had a fabulous time in Argentina. We had a great time in BA. Went to a great Tango show at La Ventana. Filled up the rest of our time with a city tour, Recoletta cemetery, tour of the opera house and just walking around. Sierra Brava exceeded our expectations ten fold. Wayne and I were the only ones there and they treated us like royalty. Wayne made the 1000 club while I was content to get close and relaxed just a little bit more. Topo came out and had dinner with us and took us back to the airport. Food was awesome. Bird boys were top of the line. We just had a great time. Thanks so much!!

Steve Wrage

Richardson, TX


Sierra Brava was one of my favorite lodges — been to a lot of them, but really liked the atmosphere.

John Taylor


Wow—–what a phenomenal shooting experence. third time for my partner Rodney Carr and myself at your lodge. The whole four days were filled with the finest shooting, food, wine, and spirits. Juan J. ,Topo, and Zeke make it a pleasure to spend several days in your country and enjoy the Argentine people. I recommend every wingshooter take advantage of the opportunity to visit the D.O.C. [doves of cordoba] at least once a year. We are already planning for next year . Our wifes highly recommend our attendance each year. I have a hunter education class this Saturday with about 75 students and will explain our experience in argentina. Maybe get to show the video .


Roy Carpenter and Rodney Carr.


Topo, Zeke, JJ, Ruben, Ignacio, the Two Marcello’s and the entire staff were
the best I have encountered in Argentina. Great hosts, good food and nice
accommodations. I would Definitely recommend Sierra Brava to anyone.

Best regards,

Richard Lipsey



I was very pleased. with the accommodations, the food delicious and plentiful. The administrative staff, the “hunting staff” we’re excellent as well. I met other guests who were repeat visitors and it was easy to see why! Everything was professional and efficient but you got the feeling you were welcome family guests. I look forward to my next visit and feel that I have a “home” for Dove shooting!

Barry Levien


Many thanks to all at Sierra Brava! I thought I had been to all the best lodges in Argentina, until I visited Sierra Brava. You guys have the best lodge in Argentina because of the outstanding staff and birdboys. The huntng experience at Brava is second to none! I vote Sierra Brava as #1 in Argentina. We are planning another trip in April of 2013. Thanks for all the hospitality and hope to see you guys soon.

Al Dueitt

Corpus Cristi, TX



The trip was perfect! Everything went as planned the way you set everything up from the lodges, hunts, to using Elizabeth in BA. It was of the most fun trips I have ever had. You did a phenomenal job setting up everything for us! Briggitte even called me this morning in Dallas after we flew from BA if we were going to be able to make our connection to Corpus Christi. She already had a back up flight for us in mind if we did not catch the flight. Everybody did a fantastic job.

You were so right about us enjoying Sierra Brava. We`ll be going back again to Sierra Brava. We also really enjoyed Paloma Brava. It is such a beautiful setting and is really amazing. Elizabeth was the perfect choice for taking care of us in BA both days. Her and Eduardo from Paloma Blanca made sure we had our boarding passes and got us going in the right direction in the airports. Because of everybody involved, the trip could not have been any better. The hunting was as good as we could every imagine.

The masseuses were excellent. The one I used is the best massuese I have ever had. She made it possible for me to hunt every day since I injured an old shoulder injury just before we left Texas.

As you can tell, we had an awesome experience. Thanks for everything you did to make the trip so smooth.



Our trip was awesome. Great lodge, great staff, great food and alot of birds. Will be hard to top Sierra Brava. I love it.

Paddy O’ Conner


Daryl here, Bill’s wife. Here is a comment you may want to pass on to Zeke, Topo and the rest of the wonderful crew at Sierra Brava:

Bill keeps looking at the pictures and the cd and laughs and smiles every time, with another funny story to share. He obviously had such a great time with everyone and tells all our friends that Sierra Brava in Argentina is the most fantastic place, a dove shooters paradise. He said the food, the wonderful staff and the custom care staff provides to each client, the attention to details making everything fun and hassle free, and the excellent amenities and picnics in the field, make Sierra Brava the ultimate destination for high volume dove hunting! He hopes this is not his last trip to Sierra Brava and isn’t interested in going anywhere else. Tell Walter .

Have fun yourself Mac,

Big hugs,



I thought the whole experience was outstanding. The accomodations, food/drink and hunting were all 5 star. The staff at Sierra Brava was as courteous and caring as one could expect. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Pete Marcellus


I would like to thank you for a trip that I will never forget. The eight of us had one of the best hunts ever. The accommodations were tremendous along with the food (I gained 5 pounds). The staff were a group that you should be very proud. They were helpful and knowledgeable. To say the least about the hunt itself was beyond what I expected. I never expected to shoot over 1000 birds on the first day of the hunt. Topo, our host, was outstanding. I will recommend this hunt at “SIERA BRAVA LODGE” to all of my hunting buddies. Thank you for making this a hunt to remember.

Anthony “Tony” Jones


Thank you so much for arranging such a memorable trip to visit Topo at Sierra Brava. I can’t say enough good things about Topo and his staff’s hospitality. They were world class. My son and I are thinking about a return visit next year for more dove hunting and some duck hunting as well.

Thanks again. We will be in touch.



I am so glad that I picked Sierra Brava as our lodge, I don’t know what to say. They are truly the cream of the crop when it comes to wing shooting. JJ, Zeke, Marcella, everyone on the place really treated us well. I can not imagine why anyone would go somewhere different.

Thank you for everything you did for us,

Lee & Carolyn Smith

Deer Park, TX


Got back to Blue Ridge, Georgia about 2 pm this afternoon. Really appreciated you coming to the airport to make sure we had everything in order. We all had a great time, do not see how it could be any better. In my business I always told my employees that if you look after the small details the large items will take care of themselves and you and your staff certainly look after all the small details. Zeke is a outstanding foreman who is detail driven and I cannot sing his praises enough. Your cook and dining staff is excellent both in quality and quantity of food. as well as service. Like being on a outstanding cruise ship except you are shooting instead of sightseeing. Your cleaning staff does an outstanding job and while all of the bird men, not boys, were great I only dealt with Raul (may be wrong spelling) and he could not have done a better job for me. Feel free to use me as a reference at any time.

William (Bill) Prather


Thanks for a great time! Your staff was great and Diego was perfect with my child. My 13 yr old had a great time. He is a little Stiff this morning after shooting over 1000 birds yesterday. He has been hunting all over the world. He said this is now his favorite hunt. I am sure we will be back many more times. Marcelo was the perfect driver. His English was perfect and he made the ride very pleasant with his conversation.

Thanks and Till next time,

Hal Davis


We all had a great time …birds were wonderful and the food was marvelous.

We also appreciated the organization…13 shooters to start with and no one missed a beat.

Well done.

We’re already starting to think about next year.

Michael Monson


It was a very nice trip, something my son and I never forget and we willcome back.

The problem is that is was first time my son was on hunt, so now there are not much hunt which can compete with dove hunting in Agentina.

Say hi to Topo and the rest of the team it was a great experience in beautiful surroundings with great food.

Best regards,

Elo Nielsen




We all got home safe last night late with no problems. I again want to thank you for a great time. You have a six star hunting lodge and the highest is only 5 star. Your staff was excellent. I will be back.

Thanks again,

Jerry Eiler aka BB


The visit to your lodge was the best that I have experienced in all the years that I have been coming to Cordoba!! The staff from top to bottom was well trained and excellent. The food was great, the doves great, and all the extra detail was superior. All the boys were uniform in their praise for your operation. They had a lifetime experience. Thank you for being a great host as well!!


Gary Kott



Thanks for following up. I can’t say enough good things about Sierra Brava. We had a great time.

The staff was wonderful, the food was fantastic, the hunting was great, and the cost was reasonable. I was at another lodge in Cordoba four years ago, but after visiting Sierra Brava, I don’t understand why anyone would pay more money to go to somewhere else. I really don’t see how any other lodge/outfitter can match the service and quality at Sierra Brava. I will return to Sierra Brava in the future, and several members of our group are actually planning to go back next year.

Nathan Witt


I have to admit that I was a little concerned as I had such good experiences with H & H. Topo and everyone at Sierra Brava met and exceeded expectations. The interaction of the staff with our group and never hunting the same spot twice were what really set them apart. I would be glad to recommend Sierra Brava to anyone interested in going.

Thanks for everything,

Frank, FL


David, JJ & Topo

My apologies for not emailing you sooner. Sent a quick email to JJ to confirm our safe return.

As you may know the organizing of a 3 generation hunt abroad is no small feat. Once all was booked I was able to take a break and relax a bit, mental. What a wonderful outcome due to the organization you have created with JJ and Topo at Sierra Brava. My father and brother we so very pleased on all aspects. Having been on a high volume hunt in the past in Argentina I had a feel for what it would be like and you and the staff have now heighted my expectations of what is to be expected. We did not want for a thing except maybe for Daniel to stop cooking so many delightful dishes as our eyes not doubt are bigger than our stomach or should I say waistline…The meals were superb. Your wine was also excellent. In fact I began to question why I requested the Lat. 33.

I must say that the past hunts we have been on were satisfactory but no match to what Sierra Brava presents. Not a single member of the hunting party(6) touched a shell unless they really wanted to. The bird boys are second to none and made our 3G hunt not only comfortable but safe. I was not long in being satisfied that our young shooters were in good hands. They helped in all aspects and had a tremendous sense of humor. The staff at the lodge Eduardo, Marcelo, Zeke were very knowledge worthy and very easy to talk to. The lodge staff was as professional and courteous and on top of every facet.

The hunting was one that provide all great enjoyment. I had not a vision one that the 3rd Richardson generation( 11, 14 & 15 years of age) would shoot more shells that the 1st and 2nd generations combined. Let alone that we would walk away with two of our crew having 1000 bird hats also 3rd gen.

Thank you again and I will now begin the process to promoting Sierra Brava to the many we come in contact with through our family business. In fact by the time we unloaded luggage at the range my father was boasting about his grandkids and showing pictures to a few customers. Therefore the words is out on our end and our hope is to start to send some east coast members to help even out the Texas contingent on your boards. It may be a year or two before we return, leave no doubt that we will. Thanks again and if there is anything we can assist you with let us know.

Steve Richardson


Listen to Jack Minter radio interview about dove hunting in Argentina at the Sierra Brava lodge.

Jack Minter


We had an awesome time! Your place was perfect, very scenic, comfortable, and beyond all else the service was amazing. From JJ to the bird boys, all made us feel right at home. The food was out of this world, daniel is a great and accommodating chef. I have been on many hunting trips and this surpasses anything I have seen. Having the opportunity to get that quality time with my 14 year old son was priceless. As to the birds, my son and I killed almost 15,000 birds in 3 days and I have the battle scars to prove it, unbelievable! Looking forward to our next adventure to Sierra Brava.




I just wanted to send a quick note and let you know that the trip to Sierra Brava was unquestionably my best experience in Argentina and that is saying a lot as all of my trips have been very good. You and your staff were absolutely wonderful and I know I can speak for the group that it was a great time had by all. You will be seeing us again in the not too distant future and I am already looking forward to it. I should also tell you that my wife was very excited to finally have the right ingredients and recipe for your outstanding chimichurri!! Can hardly wait for volume 1 in the Topo book collection.

All the Best.

Ted, Chicago


The trip was fantastic! You guys have done it right…… a perfect set-up; beautiful country, nice lodge, phenomenal hunting, exceptional service, and the food ………. words can’t describe how good that was. The trip was one of the high-points of our groups 2 week visit to the Argentina.

I have many hunting friends and, at some point, would like to get a group together and come down for more.



Thanks for putting this one together for us. I have been to Argentina a dozen times or so and this was the best dove shoot ever. They really have it set up in Cordoba airport. Flying in there from Santiago is the way to go. All 4 of us arrived together and were in and out of the airport with guns in no more than 1/2 hour.

We enjoyed JJ and Topo who both speak excellent English and are fun to be with. Please feel free to communicate this with JJ or anyone else you would like to….if you do send it to JJ, please remind him to work on that left to right, down wind, dove shot on top of the hill, in a 40 mph wind ; (private joke). Zigi transported and supervised much of the hunt. Very nice young man who again speaks excellent English. Eduardo the same. I know I’ll leave someone out so will just say the staff was wonderful.

First time I have ever had a bird boy that spoke lots of English. His name is Sergio. So nice to be able to communicate with him. Really added to the hunt.

28 gauge ammo was excellent and plenty of it. They cleaned our guns for us each evening and also do laundry. The hot wash cloth when you step off the bus after all day in the field is a nice touch and apprciated.

Food was excellent…top of the line cook for sure. We really enjoyed the noon meals in the field and the hammock for a short siesta afterward. Beer was cold and wine …..well you can’t do better than an Argentina Red.

High volume shooting says it all. Boy do they have the birds! All within a 10 minute ride from the lodge. There are plenty of targets all day long. We never shot the same place twice. We enjoyed several hunts where we walked a short distance from the lodge and started blasting away. Lots of different looks at passing doves. An afternoon pigeon shoot was a great change of pace and it did not take long to limit out with some very fast action shooting.

Return to the airport and assistance in check in was appreciated and very smooth.

Sure hope we can do it again next year. I know the other guys feel the same.




Dear JJ:

I wanted to thank you again for the hospitality you, Topo and the staff and Sierra Brava Lodge showed my group. We all agreed that it was the best trip any of us had ever taken. The shooting was just phenomenal, but the way we were treated was the icing on the cake. From Daniel’s wonderful cooking, Edward’s managing, Zeke’s scouting to Sylvia’s gracious serving it could not have been better.

All of us came away feeling like we had been guests in the home of an old friend. Martin, my bird boy was energetic, and capable. His loading and help just made the shooting that much more enjoyable.

Also, please thank Franca for the help with Ariel Maggioli in Buenos Aires. He is a great guy and made getting around so easy.

If you ever get any calls looking for references before booking a hunt please feel free to give out my name and contact information. I can’t wait to get back and do it again.

M. E Shelton



The accommodations at the lodge were without a doubt the most luxurious we have experienced in all the trips to Argentina and other countries. TOPO AND J.J were, as usual, the most gracious hosts, the hunting was fantastic, the food was awesome, a great time was had by the entire ROOKS group and we look forward to future trips with the DETAIL COMPANY as all the past experience with your company has been flawless.

Best regards

B. Crosby



Wow, was I happy and proud of my son on his first bird hunting trip. He gets 1000 dove/day award and a commemorative hat for it. Something he will always remember when he is an older guy like me, his Dad, and can tell his grand kids many years from now after I am long gone. A priceless memory! We have his hat displayed in our hunting trophy room here at the house.

Dr. J.Edwards, TX


I wanted you to know that my family and I had an absolutely wonderful trip to Argentina. Lorena at Aventura Wine Tours (your recommendation) was our guide. She was fantastic as were the wineries that we got to see. Sierra Brava was beyond my wildest expectations as far as wingshooting, accommodations and service. J.J. and Topo went out of their way as hosts to make us feel like family.

Thank you for making it all happen.

J. Guthrie


Not sure I can add anything new to the many comments of praise I’ve read in

your brochure and web site.

No question, my expectations were “far exceeded” on all fronts!!

Again, thanks,

J. Meuschke


JJ , Topo, Franca and all staff at Sierra Brava:

We are all safe back home in Tallahassee!

Thanks again for a WONDERFUL trip! I feel you exceeded everyones

expectations and you will certainly get a lot of ‘word of mouth’ advertising

out the crew. Many will certainly repeat!



Just wanted to drop you all a quick note to say “Thanks” for the excellent 4 days of dove hunting. You and your staff did an a very good job and really made us feel at home. I have hunted all my life and I have never seen birds like that before. We are planning on coming back next year in September and hope to see everyone then.

Thanks Again.

B. Shields


What a great Dove hunt at the Sierra Brava Lodge in Cordoba Argentina

Hunted six 3 1/2 hour sessions

Shot 2689 Doves & 147 boxes of shells

My best day was 1157 Doves in one day!

The lodging and food was outstanding.

Can’t wait to go back

R. Brase


I had been hunting in Argentina four times previously. This, by far, exceeded all the others in Dove Hunting and Service and Food. My guests were equally impressed and all of us will tell all of our hunting friends of our outstanding experience. Not to mention, we will go back ourselves when time allows.

Also, the flight bookings, pick-ups and drop-offs were all well co-ordinated quite well. Plus, the professionalism, courtesy, and follow thru from your office really came into play from beginning to end!

I thank you and my son Michael and my friend Jeff also thank you.

We would check with you first when planning other type trips in the future.

Very Sincerely,

P. Poggi


Great trip! Sierra Brava has definitely been elevated from a good hunting experience to a GREAT experience since our last trip 3 years ago.

Birds: Outstanding

Birdboys: The BEST

Staff: Very Professional and caring

Food: Excellent

Drinks: Too many!

Thanks to everyone for a memorable trip for the bucket list.



It was definitely a dream hunt. It was a real pleasure hunting with everyone including Tim MacManus and his son Mark (Gig’em!). I bragged to Tim quite often about how well Cristina took care of us and kept us informed.

Havard has already said he is going back in two years to take his son as a college graduation present.

JJ, Topo, Eduardo and everyone on the Sierra Brava staff were excellent and went out of their way to insure everyone was well taken care of and had a good time. The meals prepared by their professional chef were fit for a king. I left Sierra Brava with fond memories and many new friends both American and Argentinian and I have plenty of photos as well as a Sierra Brava supplied video to prove it.

Thanks again to you all and hopefully you will be able to put together another dream hunt for me when I get ready.


E. Zavodny


Howdy JJ,

Thank you very much. Thank you very much for many things.

First, thanks for allowing me to represent Sierra Brava Lodge. It is a privilege to send people to you as I know they will always come back extremely excited and satisfied with their experience.

Second, for doing a spectacular job at what you do. JJ, you and the staff work endlessly to make sure all the hunters have a great hunt. It didn’t matter what I asked, it was always – “NO PROBLEM”.

Most importantly, thanks for being my friend and sharing your life with me. I hope you spent a few days with your family after our group left.

I wanted you to know that Lowrey King, Phillip, Ron, Bob Perat, Erin Perat, Lorraine, Vhonda, Edward and Averyt all told me at some point during their stay what a great experience they had. Lowrey King and Ron Perat told me several times at the airport while we waited for our flight to leave and for our luggage at EZE how much they enjoyed the trip. I know Avery will be back. We’ll have to see about the others.

I can’t thank you, Topo, Eduardo, Zeke, Daniel, my bird boy Martin and everyone else enough for the effort each of you put into the trip for Mark and me. Mark said the best thing about the whole trip was the food. I thought he would say that.

Five star hospitality, five star meals and five star shooting. I love Sierra Brava Lodge and the whole package that you present to the shooting guests. I enjoy my stay more every time I come and even though I don’t shoot all that great, I have plenty of targets to shoot at when I’m with you.

Again, many, many thanks and I look forward to seeing you again at Sierra Brava as soon as my crazy schedule allows it.

T. McManus, TX


I apoligize for taking so long to contact you and tell you what I fabulous time I had.My trip to Sierra Brava was the best trip I have taken to Argentina in the last seven years.All the services you supplied were the best.Food was fantastic.Shooting was better than I expected or could imagine.The short drive to the shooting fields was a pleasure.All personnel were very professional.

Thanks again for the outstanding time.

I plan on returning in 2010.

D. Rufe


The trip was absolutely great in every respect! Sierra Brava is a class act. Every employee is determined to do his or her share to take care of every need and ensure you have a good time. This experience definitely exceeded my expectations!

Thanks again,

J. Bartlett


We had a great trip and I feel confident in stating that it exceeded everyone’s expectations. As always, the team at Sierra Brava were outstanding.

We can’t wait for the next adventure in 2011.

All the best,

D. Zimmerman


Absolutely wonderful. Beyond what I could have dreamed of. The lodge, staff, meals, wine, laughter, & hunts were above and beyond expectations. Great time had by all. Thank you for the memories!

Warm Regards,

G. Davis 09/30/2009


Just wanted to say thank you for looking after my small group recently, the personal attention was very much appreciated. The shooting, lodge, food and general organisation was floorless and everyone enjoyed very much. I am very much looking forward to returning in the New Year. 08/28/2009

Just returned from Sierra Brava, what a wonderful experience!

The shooting was unbelievable! You have to experience it to grasp the amazing number of birds….. thousands of them….all day long!!

Our bird boys were amazing, not only did they take care of our every need in the field but they can load a gun faster than we could shoot!

Needless to say our hunting expectations were surpassed many times over.

In the 40 years of traveling from Alaska to the Amazon, I have never experienced anything like this trip. The Sierra Brava lodge & staff made us feel like Royalty. It was way beyond 5 star service, and it came from the heart.

The food was amazing and plentiful!!

We would go back just for the food & service we received at the lodge.

Sierra Brava has exceeded all of our expectations!

Thank you!

RGS – Florida 19/2/2009

Our group has been talking about this trip for many years, Sierra Brava exceeded all of our expectations, JJ , Topo have a first rate operation here, staff is great and the hunting is incredible. Hope to return some time in the future. thanks for everything …

J. Heit, Ne


— What a wonderfull time here! My 13 year old son, Pope Fields shot 2006 his first time out. The shoooting was great, the acomodations wonderful and the people even better.

P. Fields, Georgia


What an experience! the Hunting was spectacular + the hospitality was awesome!!

R. Mays, TX


JJ, Topo”Massa”, Eduardo+Staff, Birdboys, Our third visit and the best! John entered the 1000 Club to my delight. As always the warmth of old friends, fantastic food and great hunting. The weather was great. Till we meet again … love always

P. Coyle and J. Buttler


What a spectacular lodge and awesome vacation here at Sierra Brava, your staff was wonderful and the hunting guide were very helpful. The food was so tasty, going to miss the meat, we have never experienced a hunting like this before. Best ever now we are spoiled with no limits on dove, thank so much for the memories of an unforgetable trip..!!

Cindy and N. Kollash TX…


A great hunting experience- wonderful service , many birds , hope to see you again soon..

Pc Jenkins -Houston TX

29 -10-2008

Amazing time, words cannot express how much I enjoyed this stay. All the staff was so friendly , food was incredible and the shooting indescribable , I would very much like to come back and see you soon again .

C. Wing Cornwall UK


To JJ, Topo, Eduardo, Ezequiel , all the Staff

Thanks for a perfect visit, lots of dove, food, good conversation and the making of a new friends in Argentina, Gracias a todos por todo, .

Allen and L. Durret , TX


My son (Brian) and I were very impressed by the Sierra Brava Staff as well as the people of Argentina. This was the trip of a lifetime and I am so happy that I was able to spend the time with my son.

J. Heit MD 19/2/2009

Our group has been talking about this trip for many years, Sierra Brava exceeded all of our expectations, JJ , Topo have a first rate operation here, staff is great and the hunting is incredible. Hope to return some time in the future. thanks for everything …

J. Heit, Ne


What a wonderfull time here! My 13 year old son, Pope Fields shot 2006 his first time out. The shoooting was great, the acomodations wonderful and the people even better.

P. Fields, Georgia


Of all the lodges in Argentina, this is the best of the best

B.l Bosley – BC, Canada


3rd time in Argentina. Best Experience I ever had! Great shooting! Great accommodation, great staff.

C. Hammans


Great hunting trip- Only thing better than the scenery and lodge would be the hospitality of JJ, Birdboys and staff.

Charlie Kent Laurel, Ms


JJ Topo & Staff..

Great time will never forget, made new friends that I will always remember..

R. Warren. Brandon- Ms


What an incredible hunt! The staff was great. The food was excellent (especially the Chimi-churri)

J.Davis Cypress, TX


What an experience! the Hunting was spectacular + the hospitality was awesome!!

R. Mays, TX


JJ, Topo”Massa”, Eduardo+Staff, Birdboys,

Our third visit and the best! John entered the 1000 Club to my delight. As always the warmth of old friends, fantastic food and great hunting. The weather was great. Till we meet again … love always

Pat and John


This trip has been the best one of my families history! The hunts have brought us some wonderful memories ..1000 + doves for Robin and Travis. Thank you so much for celebrating my fathers birthday with us. Hope to come back and see you all soon..!

– Topo keep being crazy and drinking the mate!!!

Matttes Family (Heyley)


What a spectacular lodge and awesome vacation here at Sierra Brava, your staff was wonderful and the hunting guide were very helpful. The food was so tasty, going to miss the meat, we have never experienced a hunting like this before. Best ever now we are spoiled with no limits on dove, thank so much for the memories of an unforgetable trip..!!

Cindy and N. Kollash TX…


This trip was worth every penny,

My family and I, had a life time of memories here, 1000 + for my mother And I was the most exciting hours of my life. I hope to return. Don’t change a thing here.

T. Mattes