Pre-Trip Planning

Thank you for choosing Sierra Brava as your Cordoba dove shooting destination. Please find below information that will be helpful in planning your trip. You can also visit the website for more complete information.

Three Most Commonly Asked Questions:

  • What is the weather like in Cordoba? Seasonal weather patterns are most similar to Atlanta, GA, but keep in mind that our seasons fall opposite of our northern hemisphere counterparts. Our winter months are June-August and summer falls between December and March. It is be wise to pack a rain jacket in the summer, but most of the rain falls during the evening hours. Please go to for updated weather info.

  • Who will meet us at the airport? In Cordoba, you will be met by airport baggage handlers who will assist you in carrying your luggage. The baggage handler will lead you to a Sierra Brava representative, and he will take you to the lodge.

  • What forms of payment are accepted at Sierra Brava? Sierra Brava lodge accepts credit cards, cash and personal checks. A 3.5% surcharge will be applied for credit card payments and 2.5% for US checks. These fees are what the local banks charge us; we regret any inconvenience.

Last Minute Travel Tips:

  • If your flight is cancelled or delayed, please send an email to and You can also leave a message at +1.800.281.2717 or call the lodge at +54.9351.5909794

  • If travelling through Santiago, Chile, please make sure your bags are checked all the way through to Cordoba. It is important to tell the agent that Cordoba is the final destination.

  • If travelling through Santiago, do NOT go through immigrations or customs in Chile. You are just connecting on a flight and should not go through immigration.

  • If travelling through Buenos Aires, you will need to go through customs and immigration. There is a new flight that connects the Buenos Aires international airport to Cordoba. If you are on that 9:50am flight make sure to retrieve your bags and check-in at Aerolineas. If you are not on that flight, you will need to transfer to a separate airport about 30 minutes away. It is important to have at least 2.5 hours between international arrival and domestic departure. You will need more time if you are clearing guns.

  • If you are travelling through Buenos Aires with guns, it is a good idea to hire a transfer agent to help clear your guns. We can set that up for you.

  • Starting in January 2010 there is now an entry fee of $131 that is payable at the airport with cash or credit card. This is a reciprocal fee that is the same amount that the U.S. charges Argentines to enter the U.S. This is not a fee for a visa. They have not implemented this fee at the Cordoba airport yet.

Note to group leaders:

It is important that as a group leader that you share this pre-trip information with all members of your party. This is the best way to ensure that everyone is adequately prepared to travel and understands the cancellation

and refund policy, and has the opportunity to purchase trip cancellation insurance (this is particularly important for those with a pre-existing medical condition). We cannot assume any financial responsibility for adverse consequences incurred if this information is not provided by group leader's to all members of your group.

Package inclusions:

  • All ground transportation to/from Cordoba airport and hunting grounds
  • Six (6) dove hunts (2 per day)
  • Professional hunting guides
  • Deluxe double occupancy lodging with private bathrooms
  • All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • All beverages, including selection of the finest Argentine wines, local beers, soft drinks, bottled     water and local hard liquor
  • gun cleaning
  • All local taxes and service charges

Package exclusions:

  • Shells
  • Hunting licenses (currently US$65 per day)
  • Gun entry permits (currently US$100 per gun) or gun rentals ($60 per day)
  • All voluntary gratuities
  • Telephone calls and faxes

Acceptable methods of payment:

Sierra Brava lodge accepts credit cards, cash and personal checks. A 3.5% surcharge will be applied for credit card payments and 2.5% for US checks. These fees are what the local banks charge us; we regret any inconvenience.


Tips for the lodge and field staff are not included in this hunt. Tipping is discretionary, but we suggest $80 per day per hunter to be split among the house staff and bird boys. It is customary to tip the bird boys directly. Camouflage caps, shirts, and other hunting related items are also greatly appreciated by the bird boys.

Before Leaving Home:

Your paperwork and preparations begin before you leave for your trip. First, check the expiration date on your passport. It should not expire within six months of your trip's departure date. No visa is required for U.S. or European citizens to travel to Argentina or Chile.

Second, make a photocopy of your passport. Keep the original in your packed luggage, and only carry a photocopy of it when you are outside your hotel room, or the lodge. The only time you might need your original passport would be while shopping and paying with a credit card, or changing money.

Third, if you intend to bring your own firearms, U.S. Customs requires that you register your guns, and other expensive items such as: cameras, binoculars, notebook PC's, etc. with them before leaving the country. This form is a one-time requirement, and it is valid for as long as you own your gun. The purpose of the form: it proves to U.S. Customs upon return that you bought the gun (or other high dollar items) in the USA, and not in South America. The truth is this: most people do not register items such as binoculars, cameras, and computers before they travel. Only on very rare occasions have we heard of customs officers questioning hunters about such items, however, it can happen.

The U.S. Customs Form 4457 must be completed in person at an international airport, or U.S. customs office. You must physically take the guns (in a case!) to an international airport, or a local customs office. If you are going to do this on the day of departure, we suggest that you arrive two hours earlier than normal (which is four hours prior to departure), because sometimes one has to wait for an available inspector.

We purchase your hunting license for you prior to your arrival, and there is no requirement for you to sign it.

Europe - You should inform the airline prior to travel date that you will be carrying shotguns and declare them when checking in for your flight. An airline official will escort you to a Customs post for gun registration and then hand carry your guns to the plane. On return, you must retrieve your guns at the airline service desk in the baggage hall. An airline official will accompany you to the red channel, where your guns are registered with Customs as re-entering the country.

Shotguns / Chokes:

Bringing firearms into the country involves a relatively simple process and we handle the paperwork for you. All you have to do is send us your gun and personal information and pay a $100 fee. Fees are subject to change without notice. Please make sure the gun information you provide is accurate because it will be used for your gun entry permit and will be very carefully checked by the authorities on international arrival. During certain months, the wait time to register your gun upon entering the country could be up to 45 minutes.

Please note there is a new regulation at the Buenos Aires airport that requires passengers to check shotguns against the gun registration with the airport police. Please allow an extra 30 minutes to go through this process. We strongly recommend using a transfer agent if you will be travelling with guns. They will facilitate the process at all the checkpoints in Argentina.

If you decide to bring your own firearms, we recommend that you bring two of them. Although we have lodge guns available for rent, in the event that your gun becomes inoperative, you will be limited to what we have available if other guest have made previous requests for a particular model and/or gauge.

You might wish to bring one double gun, and one autoloader. All things considered, the double is the most likely to function reliably, however gas operated autoloaders deliver the least recoil, and might be your first choice for this kind of shooting.

You may bring (or rent) 12, 20, and 28 gauge shotguns. .410 shotgun shells are sometimes available. Please contact us if you will require .410 shells, and we will check availability.

The shooting is high volume, so we recommend that the guns that you do bring are in top condition, keep your autos clean, and bring any spare parts you might have on hand in case a minor repair needs to be made.

In most of the shooting areas, the ranges of shots can be quite variable-and unpredictable. Wind and weather conditions will obviously affect the ranges of shot selection. Although choke choice is a personal preference, an improved cylinder, or improved-modified would be the most effective for most conditions, and a modified for those who prefer high birds.

Baggage / Gun Case Restrictions:

To comply with current airline policy regarding the carriage of firearms, shotguns must be carried in a lockable hard-sided gun case. Guns may not be broken down and carried in a duffel bag, not even duffel bags with a bottom compartment designed for guns, unless the hard sided, lockable case fits into that compartment. No shotgun shells may be packed in the same case as a firearm.

You are NOT permitted to bring shotgun shells into Argentina. Argentine RENAR officials will confiscate your shells and question you for an entire afternoon. Do not bring shotgun shells.

Airlines usually permit one 1 checked bag not to exceed 50 pounds and two carry-on pieces per passenger. Carry-ons must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.

From time to time we need things at the lodge, and ask that they be carried down by clients, as customs and shipping expenses are prohibitively expensive. Usually items are things like gun cleaning tools, gun parts, electronics, etc. If you have some extra room in your bags, and would not mind carrying things down, we will reimburse you for any expense you incur. Let us know if you have an interest in lending a hand.

Health & Inoculations:

Currently, no inoculations are required. However Pampa Sporting Adventures and Sierra Brava are not qualified to convey medical advice. We suggest that you consult with your physician for medical advice on travel to Argentina. Information can also be obtained from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). You can reach them at: (888) 232 - 3299 or on the web at:


This section applies to all clients that have itineraries that involve overnights, hotel stays, and extra travel outside of the Sierra Brava travel schedule-which begins with pickup at the Cordoba International Airport, and ends with the delivery of all passengers back to the Cordoba International Airport.

As of yet, there have been no specific threats directed against travelers or foreign tourists in Argentina. Robberies and thefts do occur, however. We strongly urge you to use common sense and take the same precautions that you would if you were traveling in any large city where crime is an everyday occurrence.

Foreign tourists are targets of pickpockets, purse or camera snatchings, "taxi theft", and in some instances, muggings for the purpose of robbery. Your personal safety should not be taken for granted, so we remind you to maintain a high level of situational awareness when walking outside your hotel, or soliciting transportation.

Telephone / Fax / Communications:

The lodge has 24 hour Internet access (wi-fi available) and telephone service. SKYPE is also available.

Travel Insurance:

We can provide travel insurance directly. Please inquire regarding rates.

Travel Insurance:

We can provide travel insurance directly. Please inquire regarding rates.

Gun Safety:

Ensure all guns are unloaded before leaving: home, hotels, and the lodge. Re-check your guns before putting them in any automobile, in the field, and prior to departure from the field.

All autoloaders will be carried with the magazine open when outside of your shooting station. Uncased double guns should always be broken when walking, or anytime when you are not in shooting position.

Do not hand loaded shotguns to the bird boys. Do not let bird boys shoot. Many of them know how to shoot, but allowing this introduces another element of risk.

What is the most important safety rule? Do not shoot low birds! There is never any excuse for taking a low-angle shot. Shooting low birds (at angles less than 45 degrees) puts bird pick up boys, other hunters that have accidentally wandered out of position, and farm animals at risk.

There are thousands of birds to shoot, please exercise discipline and good judgment on each and every shot you take.

We hope these suggestions prepare you for your upcoming trip.

Please note this list should be used as a reminder of things to bring. It is not necessary to bring all these items



Note: there are no thorns, or cacti to contend with on these hunts.

  • Dark colored, or camouflage hunting clothes and hats
  • Wool sweaters, long sleeve cotton shirts, and polar fleece zip-up tops. Layering is important. Depending on the time of year it can be 40F and windy in the morning, then end up in the high 70's and calm winds by the afternoon. Wool socks are sometimes also useful
  • Lightweight rain suit, and waterproof hat. You won't need it unless you don't bring it.
  • Shoes: Lightweight, ankle-height are all you need. Many shooters even wear sneakers
  • Comfortable clothes for relaxing around the hunting lodge. Jeans, tennis shoes, etc.
  • Shooting glasses, sunglasses, 30spf sunscreen or stronger, and Chap Stick
  • Recoil reduction equipment. Shoulder pads, Kevlar lined vests, etc.
  • Lockable travel gun case (stainless steel or heavy duty fiberglass)
  • We have cleaning rods & patches; but please bring oil, choke tubes, tools, and accessories
  • Bring modified chokes, improved cylinders, or improved-modified
  • Any gun cleaning equipment you might need
  • Hearing protection: Earplugs
  • Side carry shooting pouch for shells, or shell vest
  • Leather shooting gloves are an absolute must! Or you will have blisters! Please see video.
  • All electricity is 220 in Argentina (European style) we have converters for your 110 stuff like: laptop computers, digital cameras, Palm devices, electric razors, etc. But the hotels in Buenos Aires and the airports do not.
  • Medication - Most people have no stomach problems in this part of Argentina. Nevertheless, it's a good idea, as when traveling anywhere, to take along medication for symptomatic relief
  • Shaving kit: Mylanta, Advil (or preferred painkiller), Neosporin, Band-Aids, vitamins, prescription medications, etc.
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Camera and film

Emergency Contact Email: and