Dr. Todd White Dove Shooting World Record!

David Perez, the owner of Sierra Brava in Cordoba, Argentina, has written to let the readers of The Bird Hunting Report know that his partner at Sierra Brava, Juanjo Sala, reports a gunner there recently broke the world record for dove shooting in a single day. Sala called it “the most important day of our operation”

Dr Raymond Todd White from Dallas TX and 9 more friends, came down to our lodge with the mission of breaking the world dove hunting record in one day. After some e mails about what he needed to do to be prepared before coming, Tim Macmanus, Dr White, Dr Rob Neal “The Manager” and I, had a little meeting the night before, in order to discuss a game plan to break the record. Next morning at 6 am Todd, Rob and Tim all left the lodge with Topo. We took him to a big farm (4500 acres) in Macha hills. His birdboy Martin Fuentes had prepared a nice blind under a algarrobo tree in a big valley where Todd had a long range of view (400 yards in all directions). He started using four of our Berettas 391 Urikas semiautos and ended up using seven. The first shot was fired at 6:32 am. Todd never stopped to eat, never sat down for a minute. Rob cheered Todd on all day long and videoed the spectacular shooting show. The second birdboy, Matias took care of “The Manager” during the whole mission. At 11:30, Todd had approximately 4885 birds when a strong wind started blowing making it even more challenging to accomplish his goal of setting the world record. We then moved him to a creek where the birds came in good numbers for afternoon water. In the last part of the day, Todd was in great shape and with a winning attitude. He looked the same in the afternoon as he did in the morning except he was dirty and had mole skin in several places to prevent blisters and burns. Many birdboys had to be there helping although Martin took care alone reloading all day long. Todd fired his last shot at 8:12pm and when he handed his shotgun to Martin, the count was 11,301 birds.

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