Sierra Brava Dove Hunting Newsletter – May 2011

Word from Juan Jose Sala

Dear Friends, We just completed our 8th season at Sierra Brava and I am happy to report it was our best season ever thanks to you! This year we decided to shut down the lodge in April in order to remodel the lodge and more importantly give our employees a well-deserved rest. In January/February/March we had a record 200 clients come to the lodge or over 60 per month. I still remember the days when we used to host 60 clients per YEAR.

It is important for me to thank everyone who helped make this happen. First of course are the clients who came and visited our lodge. Second are the employees who I am proud to say are the best in the business. Lets start with the bird boys – Martin, Jorge aka Panza, Ricardo aka Chilenito, Diego aka Pae,Sergio aka Lelo and many others. Our excellent guides – Zeke and Rueben. Our incredible house staff – Estela, Silvia, Florencia and Olguita. Special mention to our world class chef Daniel! Our lodge manager Zeke and our old lodge manager Eduardo. All the behind the scenes people – David, Franca, Nacho,Hernan and Paola to name a few. And last but definitely not least the one and only TOPO!!! Its important for me to say Topo’s cookbook is currently being published. It will be printed by June. We are accepting advanced orders for this soon to be New York Times Bestseller!!!


Clearly this was our best season ever in terms of birds! We had a tremendous amount of birds this year. There was no world record broken, but we had multiple 5,000 bird shooters. We even ran out of space on our boards in the main living rooms. Not a bad problem to have.

For next year the prospects look great as more and more land is converted to farmland in the north of Cordoba. In addition we still have ample amount of water and Cordoba has strict laws that preserve the brush where the birds live. So we are hopefully looking at another amazing year at the lodge.Latest and Greatest Improvement

Featured Employee of the Month

Daniel Zeballos has been the main chef at our lodge for the past 2 years and previously worked at Los Chanares for 5 years. Daniel’s meals are a perfect blend of simple Argentine ingredients mixed with just the right amount of gourmet touch. Some specialties include typical Argentine beef plates and his delicious homemade pastas. Of course like many Argentines, Daniel takes pride in preparing mouth watering asados (bbqs). As a prize for doing such a great job this past season, we sent Daniel to the Cordon Bleau cooking institute in Lima, Peru for 3 weeks. So get ready for even better food!

Daniel studied in the top culinary school in Cordoba. Daniel is married with 2 sons. We can only hope that one of his kids will learn to cook like he does!

Latest and Greatest Improvement

Our latest and greatest improvement is a great honor for Sierra Brava. In January we became the first international Affiliate of the Beretta Trident Program. The Beretta Trident Program ( was launched in 2010 and is the first and only system to rate shooting sports venues. Sierra Brava and our sister operation, Los Chanares, are the first international venues to affiliate with Beretta. Sierra Brava received a One Trident Rating in upland bird hunting.

The representatives of the Beretta Trident Program visited our lodge in August 2010. After the August visit, they provided us a detailed report grading us on everything from the shooting to the lodging. Included in this report where specific items of improvements. We discussed these items and came up with many areas for improvements. Many of them were small details that further enhance the client’s experience at the lodge. Our most significant improvement was just finished this past April, which was general work on the structure of the lodge. These include:

  • Painted the whole interior and exterior of the lodge
  • Fixed the bathrooms including changing the lights, ceramics and increased the size of almost all the bathrooms
  • Added pool lights
  • Built a dock in the lake
  • Improved the parking roof/floor of the garage
  • Maintenance to the lodge and kitchen
5,000 Club Members

John Randolph Martin
Joseph Mueller Jr.
Richard Birkenfeld

3,000 Club Members

Robert Caputa
Maurice Eduard Taylor
Hugh Echols
John Echols
Jason Daryl Smith

Malorie Lynn Crowell
David Atteberry Nethery
Leston Joseph Juneau
Paxton Joseph Juneau
Jason Daryl Smith

Father/Son Special

For those clients who wish to bring their sons to shoot world class doves in Cordoba, we are running a promotion this year. In November and December, fathers pay $1,500 and sons go for free. We still have openings during the Thanksgiving dates.

I certainly hope you have enjoyed our newsletter updating you on Sierra Brava experience

Juan Jose Sala