The Cordoba Dove Hunting Experience

More on the Cordoba Dove Hunting Experience…

When it comes to dove hunting in Cordoba, Argentina, it is often said that “you have to see it to believe it”. We couldn’t agree more. Until you’ve experienced high-volume Cordoba dove hunting for yourself, it is impossible to fully comprehend. The sheer volume of birds can be dizzying and awe-inspiring to first-time visitors. With estimated dove populations topping 50 million, no bag limits and a season open year-round, Cordoba is the world’s most exclusive and revered dove hunting destination.

Why are there so many doves in Cordoba?

In Cordoba, we hunt the golden eared dove. While this dove shares some qualities with dove in the northern hemisphere it is distinct in a number of ways. First and foremost, the golden eared dove reproduces an amazing 5-6 times per year with 3-5 eggs per nest. With Cordoba serving as one of South America’s bread baskets, sprawling farms and established irrigation provide the dove with ideal habitat, abundant with food and water. In fact the habitat is so well-suited for the birds that these dove do not migrate, making for incredible high-volume dove hunting year-round.

How many dove can I expect to shoot each day?

The Argentine government has designated the golden eared dove as an official “pest” due to the extraordinary damage these birds cause to crops. High-volume dove shooting is encouraged as it has proven to help farms better maintain their crops and protect their harvests. There are no bag limits so the number of birds a hunter takes is up to his or her shooting appetite and shooting skill. Some hunters will be quite content shooting a few hundred shells each day and others will aim to shoot a few thousand shells each day…it is entirely up to the individual.

What makes hunting doves at Sierra Brava different?

First and foremost, Sierra Brava hunters enjoy exclusive access to many of Cordoba’s best dove hunting fields. In fact, Sierra Brava is the specific lodge that many extreme shotgunners visit in pursuit of Argentina shooting records. In addition to the unmatched volume of birds, Sierra Brava also offers 15-20 minute drives to the fields almost the whole year long. Occasionally the shooting is done within walking distance of the lodge. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the field staff consisting of professional guides, scouts, bird boys and field chefs, is widely considered to be the best in all of Argentina.