Pigeon Hunting

There is high quality pigeon hunting in Cordoba. The pigeons are not as in abundant as Paraguay or Salta, but you can usually reach our 100-pigeon daily limit. There are several outfitters in Cordoba that offer 3-day pigeon hunting packages. We do not believe there is the resource to shoot this many pigeon and generally offer pigeon as an extra one afternoon add-on.

The pigeon hunting is generally done in the Cruz del Eje area, which is located approximately 1 hour north of the lodge. Farmers beg us to come shoot the alfalfa fields as the pigeons sometimes destroy up to 40% of the crop. The best pigeon hunting is done in the afternoon and the self-imposed daily limit is 100 pigeon.

The best months to hunt pigeons are May to September as those are the feeding months where the birds come into the alfalfa fields. We can also organize pigeon hunts in September, October, February, March and April. It is more difficult during these months because we need to find the flyways, which vary from day to day. There is no pigeon hunting from November to January.

The additional cost to shoot pigeons is U$230.