Argentina Bird Hunting Trips

Plan Your Trip to Sierra Brava

There are three basic questions you should answer when looking for Argentina dove hunting trips to help organize the trip:

1. When? Most Argentina dove hunting trips can be taken throughout the year. The dove hunting is really amazing year-round so it usually will depend on your travel schedule. You may want to shoot in a particular season. See the weather section (put link) for further details.

Argentina bird hunting trips, especially at Sierra Brava, typically books 6-9 months in advance and up to a year during our sunflower season of January to March. To check availability at Sierra Brava lodge, please click here to check our schedule.

2. Do you want 3 or more days of hunting? Most people prefer hunting 3 days or 6 hunts. Given the high volume of dove hunting, after six hunts you usually have your share (until next year of course). If you want more days, there is no problem adding on extra days

3. Do you want to just dove hunt or do you want to spend a day in Buenos Aires? Buenos Aires is considered the most beautiful city in South America. Part of planning Argentina dove hunting trips include visting close by cities to the lodge such as Buenos Aires. Many clients enjoy coming to Buenos Aires one day before the Cordoba dove hunt. This also helps with travel arrangements especially for our clients in Houston that can from Houston to Buenos Aires direct

Argentina Dove Hunting Trips

Once you have answered these Argentina dove hunting trips questions, the next part is getting to Cordoba. You can either use our travel agent in Louisiana Brigitte Caston ( or book the tickets online. There are many options from the US and Europe. To arrive into Cordoba you can go through Buenos Aires or Santiago. It is more difficult to fly through Buenos Aires because the international and local airports are different. You need about three hours between flights to ensure you can make it. From Buenos Aires, the options to arrive into Cordoba are LAN ( or Aerolineas Argentinas ( From Santiago, Chile the only option is LAN.

From the US, there are flights to Buenos Aires or Santiago from Miami (LAN and American), Atlanta (Delta), Dallas (American), New York (LAN and American), Washington (United), Chicago (United). There is also a flight from Houston to Buenos Aires on Continental and Los Angeles to Santiago on LAN. These are all overnight flights.

If you want to stay in Buenos Aires or Cordoba one night, we can organize through one of our local travel guides the transfers, hotels, city tours, restaurants, etc. Before the trip, our lovely assistant Franca will ask for your personal information, which can be filled out here