Sierra Brave Welcome Brochure:

Bienvenidos a Cordoba y a Sierra Brava Lodge!

We hope you have an excellent trip with us over the next few days. For some of you it will be your first of many trips. So, to our “dove virgins”, be prepared for the trip of a lifetime.

For others who have been to our place many times, we hope to continually surprise you with new improvements and better shooting.

We are a young energetic team at your service. JJ and Topo run the whole operation together with the lodge manager, Ezequiel. Please feel free to ask them for anything to make your stay more comfortable. We have a guide in charge of the game management program and hunting. Last but not least, our house and field staff that together comprises a work force of more than 20 people.

Together, we aim to make you feel right at home and not at a hotel. This is not a 50 room hotel. This is also a place to invite your family and friends and enjoy time with them. So, when you are not out at the field shooting your x cases a day, we want to make sure you feel comfortable at the lodge.



After your hunting day, enjoy a professional upper or full body massage from one of our masseuses. The masseuses (and our professional kinesiologists) come in from Córdoba city. We will ask you at lunch time who wants a massage for that evening. The cost for the massage will be on the shell bill, but you can leave a tip for the girls directly.

Gift shop

Our gift shop is well stocked with caps, t-shirts, polo shirts, vests, etc. We also have an excellent selection of leather goods including shooting accessories such as gun sleeves, gun cases, shell bags, shooting vests, wallets, etc. Finally, don’t forget to bring home something for your wife such as a leather purse. Ask the lodge manager for prices and gift shop suggestions.


All beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks at the lodge are complimentary. The bar table at the dining room is always well stocked and at your disposal. Please feel free to mix cocktails and help yourself at any time of the day.

Swimming pool and sauna

You can use the swimming pool and the dry sauna all the time you want at the pool house.

Telephone & Internet

We have free Wi-Fi internet service available at the lodge and cell phone service ($1 per min).


It is advisable NOT to drink the tap water, as you are not used to it. Drink only the bottle water available in your rooms, the dining table and the one in the ice chests at the field. We prepare your coffee with bottle water. Ice is also made with bottled water.


We ask you to refrain from smoking inside the lodge and rooms. The pool house, dinning and grapes “Patio Area”, is considered outside but please check with the other guests before lighting up. We have a selection of Cuban cigars that we will offer at dinner time.

Forgot something?

You will find shampoo, conditioner, and soap in your bathroom. In case you need items of personal use (toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor or comb) just ask the lodge manager and he’ll get it to you right away.

Do you need clean towels?

Help us to preserve our natural resources. In case you want your towels changed every day, please leave the dirty ones on the floor. Otherwise, towels left hanging elsewhere will mean “do not change”. Using towels more than once saves hundreds of pounds of detergent and thousands of gallons of water each year. We are committed to do our best to protect the environment. Thank you for helping us not waste water and preserve the environment.

Housekeeping service

Your room will be cleaned once a day from 9 am to 1 pm. For laundry please put your dirty clothes in the laundry bag ($10) that is on the table at the foot of your bed or in the closet. There is a turn-down service in the evenings.


Our electricity is 220 volts. There should be adapters in each room for your electrical appliances. WARNING: please make sure your electrical devices are not 110 volts or else they will be burn out. Typically cell phone chargers and computer batteries are fine, but hair dryers will not work. Please ask us if you are in doubt.


If you are an early riser, join us for coffee in the dining area. Help yourself to fresh fruit, muffins, toast and eggs before you begin your day. You definitely want to try the Argentine favorite, dulce de leche.


Enjoy a traditional Argentinean asado (BBQ) lunch. Feast on delicious, homemade empanadas, dove brochettes, pork sausage, tenderloin, ribs, skirt steak, pork chops and much more.


Taste a variety of seasonal favorites including our famous cuts of Argentinean beef.


We suggest all house staff tips are handed out to “JJ” or Topo at the end of the trip when you settle the shell bill and we will distribute them among the staff. It is recommended the bird boys to be settled directly on the last shoot.

Gun rental

We have 60+ shotguns available for rental. The guns are Beretta and Benelli 20 ga semiautomatic.

Bird boys

You will have the same bird boy with you every day. You can tip your bird boy at the end of your trip directly. Even though there is a language barrier, enjoy your time with the bird boy as you will be spending the entire day with them. They are very friendly and want to make your shooting as comfortable as possible. They can load your gun if you like and will always have drinks and shells available. Please let us know if there are any suggestions about your bird boys.


From March to September we can combine dove with a pigeon hunt (extra cost) For those who asked for it in advance (min 2 hunters).


The same applies for trout fishing, but season runs from September to March. Silver fish and Dorado is year round. (Min 2)

Transfers: A Surcharge of $100 is applied for single passenger traveling to/from Cordoba Airport/Sierra Brava Lodge before or after his/her shooting party.

Non Hunters

We have different tours for non hunters, like Jesuit missions and churches, shopping in Córdoba city, tango show, and the famous “Peace Day” that combines a 5 star spa with horseback riding day programs (min 2 paxs). Please let us know this ASAP.


The estancia was originally built in 1874. Before that, its original name in very old maps, was “Posta San Carlos”; a kind of Pony Express ranch, part of “El Camino Real” that connected Alto Peru with el Rio de la Plata (“the River Plate”). During those old days, people had a place to eat, rest and change horses. This posta was part of others in the area, like the one in Sinsacate (near Jesús Maria) and another one in Macha village. When “JJ” bought it, it had only four rooms. Alter several changes the lodge has expanded now to seven rooms (14 “guns”).

Sierra Brava, with its new accommodations, has all the comfort you may need, yet, keeps its home-loving style. It’s like home when away from home. All bedrooms have their own private bathrooms and air conditioning system. You will have the chance to relax in the swimming pool, calm your “shooting pains” in our sauna or have a massage by one “just one” of our 4 professional therapists.

At snack time you may have a drink at one of the lodges 3 bars, in the main house or by the pool in our fire pit while you wait for our gourmet dining with Argentina’s famed beef and fine wines, traditional asados (BBQ), game dishes and delicious desserts.

You will really enjoy high quality homemade cuisine, the finest Argentine wines and you will learn why the Argentine barbecue and wines are both so famous all over the world!!

Often dove hunting is done within walking distance from the lodge, but a total of 150,000 acres of hunting lands will be at your disposal. This not only provides the possibility to offer this spectacular experience all year round, but also gives the hunters an opportunity to choose between short or long-range shoots so as to prove themselves on different challenging crusades! During the months of March through September, you can combine the exhilaration of decoyed pigeon shooting with the Cordoba´s famous hot-barreled dove shooting.

In the last 10 years of scouting birds, there has never been as many birds as these days. This is especially true of our main shooting area, the Macha roost. As many of you know we mainly shoot the Macha roost area which is located only 15 minutes from the lodge.

Why Sierra Brava stands out

  • Short drives to the hunting fields most of the year.
  • Non-stop hunting action.
  • Outstanding food and lodging.
  • Personalized attentions by the highly trained Sierra Brava team.
  • Guns are renewed annually.
  • Take a look to our guest book.

1. Short drives to shooting fields most of the year

Roost with millions of birds located inside our property, within a 15 minute drive from the lodge most of the year. Sometimes even at walking distance.

All of our flyways are working perfectly and the variety and volume of the shooting has been off the charts! As an early indication of the volume of birds, we have had many new 4,000 club members in the last few months, 3 new 5,000 club members, and the world record man Randy Martin (TX) (over 10,000 doves in one day) this last February.

2. Non-Stop hunting action

More than 200 unique shooting stands

An opportunity to choose between short or long range shots so as to prove yourself on different challenging crusades, for beginners and experienced hunters.

Abundance of low flying doves that pass within 15-25 yards from the shooters.

Even the most experienced shooter will find high – flying doves challenging

Overwhelming quantity and quality of wild birds flying non-stop all day long.

Shooting stands on top of the hills for having beautiful panoramic views. Very good view of flyways, standing plants, creeks, valleys, flat lands, feed lots, etc. All types of shooting in the same trip.

Full day of non stop action with spectacular field lunches with cots, hammocks and tents.

3. Outstanding food and lodging

Appetizing 3 course meals with the best Argentine wines.

Feast on Argentine style barbecue (asado) and dove, and our famous homemade dove pate.

Excellent accommodations, service and staff 7 comfortable rooms with 2 beds and a private bathroom in each room.

Enjoy a good bourbon, single malt or blended whiskey with friends

4. All Sierra Brava friendly team will be at your service to help you in anything you may need, making your stay incredible. Topo, our showman, hunting, fishing and touring guide and former chef prepares an Italian night that is one of our guests favorite.

5. Guns are renewed annually

6. Please leave us your comments in our guest book.