Dove Hunting in Argentina - The BEST High Volume Dove Shooting Experience You'll Ever Have!!!

Sierra Brava is one of the best hunting experiences a hunter can take. Sierra Brava offers high-volume dove hunting in Cordoba Argentina as well as A+ rated lodging and accommodations. Sierra Brava is hands-down "the best bang-for-the-buck dove hunting lodge in Cordoba, Argentina". We are the only dove hunting outfitter that combines extreme, high-volume doves and first-class accommodation at such a great price. But in the end, the main reason everybody raves about Sierra Brava is the friendly atmosphere at the lodge.

Come to Sierra Brava and you will always feel like you have a home in Argentina. And why not have your second home near the best dove hunting in Cordoba, Argentina.

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Sierra Brava - The First International Lodge to Receive a Trident Rating!

The Beretta Trident Program was launched in 2010 and is the first and only system to rate shooting sports venues. Sierra Brava and our sister operation, Estancia Los Chanares, are the first international venues to affiliate with Beretta. Sierra Brava Lodge received a Trident Rating in upland bird hunting. A Beretta Trident Affiliate represents the best of the best as fewer than 5% of destinations worldwide would merit a Trident. Continue reading.

Why clients keep coming back to Sierra Brava:

1.Incredible dove hunting that is high-volume, non-stop yet challenging.
  • Sierra Brava Lodge is only a 15-minute drive from Macha, the largest and most well-known roost in Cordoba. Yes, drives are only 15 minutes most of the year!
  • Sierra Brava owns the world record for most birds shot in one day: over 12,000 by Randy Martin (TX) in February 2014.
  • Sierra Brava shoots on more than 160,000 prime acres in the North of Cordoba, including many of the best flatland fields.
  • Sierra Brava can offer variety for those wanting to make the 1,000 bird club or for those wanting to shoot extremely challenging, high birds.
2.Most-friendly atmosphere and staff than any other lodge in Cordoba.
  • The lodge is a cozy, warm and a hunter-friendly place with many areas to enjoy time with friends.
  • One of the owners, Juanjo Sala, is very hands-on and enjoys spending many hours with the clients.
  • Anybody who has been to the lodge knows Topo who is a constant source of entertainment.
  • Bird boys are fun, young guys who are fully capable of disassembling guns and cleaning them on site.
  • They are the fastest loaders in the province, which you will see is quite important!
  • All the staff go out of their way to make you feel at home. There is nothing we can not do.
3. Best home-cooked Argentina meals with amazing wines.
  • Sierra Brava buys their 100% Argentine Beef from the best butcher in Cordoba, despite the logistical inconveniences
  • Unforgettable dove hunting field lunches with typical gaucho Argentine-style asados (bbq).
  • Fine Argentine wines, including the world famous Malbec grape.
  • First-class chef who prepares delicious, simple meals with an incredible presentation.
4. Best value in all of Argentina.
  • At $540 per day there is no better deal for hunting doves.
  • Lowest shell price in Cordoba.
  • Incredible large group discounts.

Rates Overview

  • At $540 per day there is no better deal for hunting doves in Cordoba.
  • Lowest shell price in Cordoba.
  • Incredible large group discounts.

For those shooters working with a budget there is no better option than Sierra Brava. There might be a $50 difference with some of the very low-budget lodges, but that is insignificant when you factor in the cost of shells and airfare. Don't be fooled by specials that offer free shells. Do the math and you will see the $490 per day price is as good as it gets. Especially given the value you receive at Sierra Brava!!!

Why Sierra Brava

If you make a checklist of all the things you want in an outfitter, Sierra Brava meets all the criteria:

  • High-volume dove hunting.
  • Short 15-minute drives to the shooting fields.
  • Great lodge.
  • Amazing price.
  • Wonderful food with delicious wines.
  • New vehicles.
  • Good selection of guns.
  • Organized pre-trip planning.

We could make the list much longer, but you get the general idea. What is hard to describe is what everybody talks about when they come to Sierra Brava: the attitude and atmosphere at the lodge. Because of the personality of the owner Juanjo Sala, Sierra Brava will do almost anything to make a client happy. In addition, Juanjo is a very gracious host who is very interested in hearing the stories of all the guests at the lodge.

The lodge itself also is a perfect setting for this "home-away-from-home" setting. Basically most lodges in Cordoba these days are new monster lodges that are quite impersonal and sometimes look like a San Francisco boutique hotel. Instead, Sierra Brava is warm, cozy and comfortable. Next time make Sierra Brava your second Argentine home!

Argentina Dove Hunting Pictures

Below are some great pictures of dove hunting in Argentina. All pictures were shot at the Sierra Brava dove hunting lodge. See more pictures of dove hunting in Argentina

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